Care Guide

For whites

1. Always wash your white shirts separately from other colors to avoid color transfer. Its also best to separate very dirty clothing from less dirty to prevent transfer of dirt.

2. Be careful while applying your detergent, quantity matters ; not too little but also not excessive. If you need a boost to clean heavy stains use optical brighteners or add baking soda only for a short period of time. Immediately rinse afterwards and wash the items accordingly to the laundry instructions on the care label.

3. Check the optimal washing temperature on the care label.

4. We recommend hanging dry your beloved white clothes as direct sunlight has a bleaching effect and can get rid of any remaining germs.

For dark and other colors

1. Just like the whites, separate the light colors from the darks to avoid color transfer.

2. Wash your colored items cold and quick to minimize fading and preserve the colors. To avoid the color from running, test shortly with warm water before placing the item in a washing machine. If it bleeds, its best to hand wash the garment to use the delicate or quick wash feature.